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      It's easy to (quit) any mailing list here at [RixPlace].
      When you get a message, follow these steps:
  1. Click on "reply"
  2. Erase everything in the [Subject:] line
  3. Use the word unsubscribe as the [Subject:]
  4. Erase the entire text of the message
  5. Use the word unsubscribe as the only word in the body of the message.
  6. Send the message...

      Or, you can use this form to write Rick, the systems administrator.
      Be prepared, though, to wait until Rick picks up his email before he is able to process your request! It may take 24 hours or so...

To Rick @
Your Name
Your Email Address
      Enter your request, and include as much information as you can. such as the name of the list and any additional email addresses you might be using to receive messages from the list:
      This is a confidential message sent only to Rick.