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"Bring light into someone else's life."
      Non-sexual, social nude recreation, is fun and healthly for newbies and old-timers alike!

"Do something for someone
      -- preferably without him or her knowing it."
      Mail list subscribers and web site visitors enjoy what we do for them, and most are unaware of the work and cash expenses that is required to provide this information.

"Insist on making your contribution to the world!" started as Rick's contribution to the world of Nude Recreation. It now belongs to you and the hundreds of thousands of people who have visited here.

RixPlace has already made contributions to Nude Recreation... we have made a difference!
      The new person sitting next to you may have acted on their interest in Nude Recreation because of Rixplace. It may have been something that they read here, or a website that they found here. Their action may have been the result of a friendship they made on the RixPlace Interactive mailing list.
      We often never know! But we're here to help.

        Rick is "passing the hat" - a virtual hat. The invitation is extended to all mailing list subscribers and website visitors.

        Whether you are a [RixPlace] subscriber or a visitor to our website, you are invited to join us, and become a contributing [RixPlace] member. Your cash will help to share the expense of putting [RixPlace] on the Internet!

...For Your Information

  • Memberships are not tax-deductible. Sorry.
    (The not-for-profit is from Rick's perspective, not the from the IRS.)
  • Memberships are renewed annually. (It's easier that way.)
  • [RixPlace] does not track who pays what or when.
    If you believe that it's time to renew... then it is.
  • If a member gets kicked off for bad behavior, or otherwise leaves, then [RixPlace] keeps the money.   (Some folks have been suspended for a couple of days while we discussed some things off-line, but no one has ever been permanently removed.)
  • Members' only obvious benefit will be the asterisks [*] or carats [^] in their signature block - when they remember to put them in!
  • A cash contribution is not required for you to subscribe to a RixPlace mail list.

Benefits of Membership...

With Any level of Membership:
You will belong to a select, discrete fraternity: Contributing members earn the privilege of putting a "hat" [^] after their signatures when they post a message to [RixPlace]. Experienced subscribers will recognize and acknowledge each other's participation. Newcomers to the Internet or to [RixPlace] will be oblivious to it.

        A carat ("^") sorta looks like a hat. On IBM keyboards, it is a shift-6. If you don't have a carat, substitute an asterisk ("*"). You can use the characters alone, or use brackets to set it off. When you sign a [RixPlace] message you can add a "hat" after your name using whatever style you choose:
        Joseph Bleaux ^
        Joseph Bleaux *

Hats are
        It is optional for subscribers to indicate their financial support.
        Just because there are no "hats" behind someone's signature doesn't mean they aren't a contributor. Remember, we are all nudists or wannabee nudists!

Contributing Member - $12/year.
  • [RixPlace] at $1 per month is the cost of a soft drink at a drive-though, and is literally only pennies a day.
  • A Contributing Membership entitles you to put a discrete carat (or asterick) [^] or [*] after your signature when you post a message.
            -- Joseph Bleaux ^

Full Member - $24/year.
  • [RixPlace] at $2 per month is a bargain! Many people pay twice that much a month (not a year) just to access the Internet
  • A full, two-star Membership entitles you to put a double carats (or astericks) [^^] or [**] after your signature when you post a message.
            -- Joseph Bleaux ^^

Gold Member - $36/year.
  • Your $3.00 per month will really make a difference!
  • You are certainly welcome to "round up" your contriubtion ($48, $50, $60)
  • A Gold Membership entitles you to put a triple carats (or astericks) [^^^] or [***] after your signature when you post a message.
            -- Joseph Bleaux ^^^

1. Send a Check...

Here's How:

  1. Write a check for $12, $24, or $36

  2. Make your check payable to A Better Computer, Inc.

  3. Write your email address in the "For____" line at the bottom of the check

  4. Mail your check to:
    A Better Computer, Inc.
    PO Box 8
    Safety Harbor, FL 34695-0008

        In the unhappy circumstance where your check bounces, everyone loses.
        Regardless of what your bank charges, it will cost RixPlace $20 from its bank... So, If in doubt, please wait until next month (don't forget!).

(Open a Printable Check Form in a new window.)

2. Use a Credit Card at PayPal Link

Here's How:
  1. Use this [RixPlace] link to open a new window at PayPal...
  2. Sign up for (if you need to)....
  3. Click on Send Money...
  4. Send it to
  5. Enter a $12, $24, or $36 donation.
    ***** Be aware that PayPal will keep $1-$2 for handling the transaction, and only $11, $23, or $33 will make it all the way to [RixPlace].   But Hey! that's more than [RixPlace] had before your donation!*****
  6. Verify your email address...

    ( open a Example of the PayPal payment in a new window
    click on the image below...)
    PayPal Link