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RixPlace Mailing Lists

      One of Rick's goals has been to open ways for people to communicate with each other. The RixPlace Community began as a mailing list for nudists, and quickly gained subscribers from around the world.
      Sign up to meet the people who have been there and done that!   Talk to them.   Ask your questions...   Share your new experiences...   Share your experience!

      [RixPlace] News and View for Nude Receration, and the companion mailing list The RixPlace [HotTub] continue to support the existing subscribers.

But right now, this page under constuction. If you need help, write directly to The Rick of RixPlace for help and answers.

Under Construction

New New! New The section below was updated May 22nd, 2005. We are in the process of moving our mailing lists, and because the HotTub is focused on non-nudist topics, this seemed a reasonable place to start. Please follow the link, below, to sign up for the HotTub, then tell us what you think about the sign-up process and the new software.
Important: After you join the list, please annouce your presence! You may be among the first to subscribe...
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[RixPlace] Nudist News & Views Sign-up or quit.1
Here is where you will sign up for RixPlace Nudist News and Views, the e-mail mailing list with a clear focus on Nudist/Naturist news, and our subscribers' views about either news or the lifestyle. This is where [RixPlace] friends gather and discuss nudist topics.
To unsubscribe from [RixPlace] or get a password reminder, or change your subscription options enter your subscription email address (If you leave the field blank, you will be prompted for your email address):

The Hartman HotTub at [RixPlace] Sign-up or quit.1
Here is where you sign up for the Hartman Hottub. It is a companion list for [RixPlace] Nudist News & Views. This is where [RixPlace] friends gather and discuss non-nudist topics.
To unsubscribe from the [HotTub], get a password reminder, or change your subscription options enter your subscription email address (If you leave the field blank, you will be prompted for your email address):

ListMaster Chat List Sign-up or quit.1
Do you moderate an email mailing list for nudists or naturists? Want to talk about? Meet your peers!
WebMaster Chat List Sign-up or quit.1
This is for Webmasters, Web Owners, and Website content managers for those websites dedicated in part to the nudist/naturist lifestyle. Share your tips and techniques, and share your experience when someone else has a problem.
Note: This is not intended for X-rated or so-called 'porn' sites. They have an entirely different set of issues to discuss.
AANR East Clubs & Owners Sign-up or quit.1
The purpose of the list is to provide for private (not secret)discussions. The intended audience for the AANR East Mailing list is:
  • AANR East Officers and Committee Chairs
  • Trustees and Directors
  • AANR East club owners or their designated representative(s)
  • Selected officers of AANR East clubs (VP, etc.)      Subscriptions are by (your) request, and must be individually approved. They are processed manually by the list administrator.

    RixPlace Mailing Lists 1
    This is a List of Lists for all the lists hosted at If you were referred here but don't see your list above, you might check this list.
    RixPlace Mailing List Administration.1
    This is for the webmaster to open a window to administer the lists hosted here [RixPlace].
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    WARNING   The services offered at Deep Sky Technologies, Inc. have been as much of a problem as any virus or any professional spammer. If you are presently a customer of theirs, or are considering signing up for their services, you may want to reconsider that decision. In previous mis-adventures at [RixPlace] and at, this company did this:
    1. They SPAMmed our mailing list
    2. by SPOOFing one of their customer's email addresses on an email that was sent from their servers
    3. and they LIED when they said that their customer manually forwarded the message to the Hottub 40-something times and
    4. of course they insisted that they "were just following (their customer's) orders."
    And they did this in the name of "blocking" spam. Go figure. -- Rick
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